Friday, December 7, 2012

Catch-up day? not so much...

Who would have thought

   that my work email would drop the password?

I thought all was quiet on the work front.... and I was pleased because life is really busy right now!  I was all set today to do some personal financial stuff and work on the quilted placemat project form my class yesterday.... and walk to town... and cut out the dresses I promised the grandgirls for Christmas.. and.. and....

My husband asked me about some things that he knew had been sent to me (work) and when I checked on it....  I had no emails since 11/28!  Needless to say, I spent the entire morning on paperwork :-( 

I need to be grateful that I found my glitch today - when I had a day free.... it could be much worse.. but I have to admit that I am a bit grumpy that I have not gotten the catching up done that I had anticipated!

BUT - by the end of the day... about HALF of the laundry (changed 2 sets of sheets and did the dog rugs)... the work stuff (of course), I did the cutting and sewing on the placemat project (need one more day to finish 12 placemats)... mixed up dough for some bread (for potlucks over the weekend).. still need to put together a fruit crisp to bake for tomorrow night..  planned to cut out the girls' dresses but I'm not sure I will get there

Tomorrow will be a busy day out and about... tonight now will be all about relaxing and preparing for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend!  Probably a movie, some quilt mending and crocheting on a sweater I am making for my grandboy for Christmas!

Miles progress:

12/1 3.5 mi
12/2 1 mile
12/3 2.5 miles & Body Pump class
12/4 4.5 mile
12/5 Body Pump class
12/6 1 mile
12/7 2 miles

total December miles  14.5 miles / 70.75 to go

Other progress:
Mega-project: photo scanning... yep - put in about 30 minutes today
strength training - nope
desk clear - yes!

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