Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Race Report #2 Virtual Marathon Jan 16-20

Now THIS was a fun idea!

I've been keeping track of my miles this year in an effort to build a life that includes an average of 2-3 daily miles (on top of whatever else I do!)  AND I decided to do some races because they are fun... and because my husband likes being my 'pit crew'... and because we like escaping for a long weekend here and there.

But it's COLD!  I had a race scheduled for Jan 19... but it was snowing and nasty when I woke up that morning.  I really didn't want us to drive over an hour in that stuff so that I could make my way through 9 miles of COLD - not to mention ICE!   So, I didn't compete in that one - and we have become MORE determined to slip away to a nearby hotel the night before any race.

And then this came across my radar...

The 7th Annual Clearwater, Florida marathon was held on Sunday January 20.  Most races are held to raise money for causes - and this was no exception.  And what they did to raise even more money was offer a virtual marathon.  Naturally, there was no way to handle timing so it was an honor thing where you walked or ran the miles over a 2 week period and they sent you a medal.

(I thought it was also a brilliant way to make sure you didn't have leftover medals... they mailed out the ones they had left over first - and then simply ordered what they needed for the virtual participants after that)

We simply had to post when and how we did our miles on the Facebook page and that was that.  There were several folks who did a full out 26.2 in one day..... and God bless them!

I did mine incorporating the 1-2 miles per day I walk with the Pomeranian pictured below..... and quite a few treadmonster miles....

 ..and the last half mile with my dog and my beautiful granddaughter.  All at my pace and in my time....

What fun!

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