Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 5 of 365

.......It's amazing how one day flows into the next, isn't it? You just keep on keepin' on and one day you wake up in a whole new life.  My husband and I were talking about that this morning.  He has always defined himself as a non-churchgoer.... not affiliated with any church.  Yet, married to me, he is registered in a church and occasionally goes.... and it hit my brain this morning that he has been affiliated with a church now for more than 20 years :-)  So by choosing NOT to act, he has acted.  That's a silly example and means little (except while he wrestles with it :-)... but it apples to all of us in every area....

Makes living ON PURPOSE all that more important.

I am beginning to catch up on my bread posts and dishcloth posts - but they are backdated so if you are interested, you may have to go back and hunt - or message me privately and I can give you dates....  catching up is important to me (and probably ONLY me)

I still want to work on the 21 day mega-project idea but with the cold and the time at home for the last week.... I've really been spending my time crafting and planning.  No one major project has risen to the surface yet except one I'm not ready to tackle.... so I think what I will do for January is spend my time working on a daily schedule or checklist or something to help me focus.... and do some catch-up/clean-up to get ready for a big project.

Some projects are coming... like preparing for taxes (personal and business) and decorating our guest room.... and the quilt is still out there, as is the photo scanning and decluttering.  My mega-project for January will be preparing for and deciding on the mega-projects for the upcoming months.  Sounds ambiguous BUT this particular project will consist of listing / deciding about large projects, developing checklists of things to do daily to help me remember, creating a schedule of crafting in progress and to do, working on finalizing particular annual goals and systems to achieve them....  believe me, I think I can find 21 USEFUL days of focus here!

Little habits?

That bottle of water before cup of coffee #2... I'm 6 days in and doing well :-)  As long as I get that bottle by my bedside before I go to sleep - I remember it...

And little habit #2... I didn't exactly choose it but I am doing it this year so I will take it.... recording my daily miles to reach my 1000 mile goal!  I am recording and working toward a 2.75 mi daily average.

These two are both physical but I think that's okay.  I have a renewed focus on more athletic better health and need to spend a little more energy on it.

How about you?  Have you read 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine?  It's a super short-term focus to reach your long-term goals!

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