Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 of 365... 2013

.. and where to start?

So many pulls in so many directions....  last year's goals and progress were well-evaluated... and I had grand plans for a series of posts leading up to the new year....

..and I got sick.

I have spent the last few days trying to rest a bit and get through this bug...  no fever so I think misery for a few days is the sum total of what I need to deal with... but I've not had the energy available for new ideas and exciting new adventures.

But you know what?  That's okay.... sickness and 'down time' is part of life.  There is no 'perfect time' to do anything!  But you can always move forward living your best life.

I really liked the format used with the 21 Days to a More Organized Life by Crystal Paine (I blogged my way through it in November, I think).. will get a link in here later!  So I will use it again as I get on my feet :-)

21 Days....  for ME - a month.

1 large project broken down into 21 chunks.  (I have no idea about this one and can't think that hard yet.... exactly WHY I need 30 - 31 days for a 21 day project :-)  Last time I used 'finishing a quilt'... I got stuck and will need to get help from the folks at the quilt store - but used my extra time to work on mending my mother-in-law's quilts.  Neither project was finished but BOTH projects are much further along... and the bottom line is... I am happy about it!

*Using this concept - I will make good progress on 12 large-scale projects this year.

The author suggests 2 other new little habits - to my understanding, 1 is small.. to make my life easier and the other can be a little tougher but has great benefits.  Of course, my brain is on the fritz today.... so I am going to interpret this as:

1 housekeeping habit (In November I used spritzing my bathroom mirror when I brushed my teeth in the morning as a 'tag-along' habit.  Not sure what I'll do this time but since I managed to do this for 21 days and then stop.... I know I need to get back to it!

One of my observations in life is that we ALREADY HAVE HABITS!  The key to successfully changing things up is to ADD something to what we already do. Spend a little time observing yourself and what you already do :-)

1 health habit (Last time I added 15 daily minutes of my exercise bike to strengthen my knee - again I have stopped so I need to get back on it!)  But this morning it hit me what I personally need to do for this one.... WATER!  I'm not sure any of us drinks enough - BUT I reach for coffee FIRST thing every day.  I am going to add a bottle of water that needs to be finished before CUP #2.

because housekeeping and health are two areas where I need lots of improvement!

I have found that this method of thinking and planning has had many, many benefits for me.  Even if I didn't finish certain projects.... the work I did spilled over in many areas and made me more efficient overall.  Working on the quilt helped me get it to a 'close to finishing' point and I know what I need to do to get there.  It helped me get my sewing machine serviced and back to the quilt shop for a class.  With my sewing machine working well, I was able to begin sewing for my grandgirls.. and to remember how much I enjoy sewing!

The silly little habit of the bathroom mirror had me keeping the whole bathroom much cleaner and neater.  I've always been pretty clean - but not so neat!

And the biking helped me walk more and start dreaming about racing (and actually doing it!)

It is exciting to think about what new habits and projects will spill over and help me accomplish this year!

So what is YOUR plan?  How will you begin?  Are you all set and ready to go after ambitious plans this year?  Or, like me, are you starting slow and small?

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