Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bread - Prosciutto & Olive Oil Flatbread AND Thrive in Five Update Day 18

Next chapter in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day - Flatbreads!   The first one is Prosciutto and Olive Oil Flatbread..... it was awesome!  I followed the recipe for the first loaf and it was beautiful!

I found the prosciutto on sale for about $5 for 4 oz. which made two loaves.  Inside the bread was prosciutto ham and rosemary - it smelled heavenly.

And then, because I didn't have more prosciutto on hand... it is lunch meat here!  We are such plebians....  we switched up the recipe using regular ham lunch meat and shredded cheddar

and it was the bomb!  This one we have made over and over..... like the strombolis, it has become a regular request.

The book is Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzog and Zoe Francois.... and this unskilled cook is still baking away!

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 18*****

I had a MAJOR epiphany last night....  I have been thinking for several weeks now what my WHY would be to get motivated to really work on losing weight again.  Why do I want to be thin?   A slap in the head moment.... I DON'T!  Not thin per se...... losing 60 pounds 4 years ago was fantastic - but also frightening.  At my age, to all of a sudden be getting that much attention - and kinds of attention I don't really look for... well, it was disconcerting.  I did enjoy some of the compliments... but more than that, I enjoyed FEELING GOOD!  I enjoyed energy.... THAT is the key to my re-gaining some of what I lost - THIN is not enough.

 My life didn't change enough because of my focus on THIN.  The things I did with THIN as a focus could not last because the trade-off didn't work.  The work to STAY THIN wasn't worth the resultant changes.  Lots of small things changed, yes - but I encountered even more problems and changes..... Nothing that LASTED because my focus was in the wrong place.

Deep down inside, I don't care about 6-packs and race medals and new clothes.

I'm a mom and grandma with a sedentary lifestyle... I read, I craft, I write, I garden. It's what I like to DO and it's okay. BUT I can think of a bazillion reasons why I want to LIVE longer and be STRONGER and feel good when I wake up in the morning.

Focus shift to HEALTH and ENERGY (and I will find the THINness that is my birthright).  THIN now becomes a RESULT of my focus on HEALTH.

"THIN" feels like a vanity that isn't mine..... "HEALTH" feels like my birthright and I need to claim it!


Seems like I turned a corner in my body yesterday.. 

Enough thinking and praying and listening and learning .... and the right actions will come to you.  You KNOW what to do... just like I do.

This morning I woke energetic and ready to greet the day... go figure...  I will remember this little victory!

Thank you, Hannah, for the insights and prayer!  Remember that the Thrive in Five program is on sale until the end of January - go to and order it!  You'll be glad you did.... (okay, it's not expensive.... you've spent more than this on miracle products that don't work!)

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