Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 of 365

..Still a slow start... but I am blessed to be able to do it at home on my terms!

This cold is not worse per se.. but is hitting me in spurts..... better... then awful... better.. then awful....   Sleep is sporadic - but napping during the day is an option for me so I am taking full advantage!

Exercise is minimal of course - though I have managed 1.5 miles in the last 2 days (yesterday actually).  The weather is gray and cold and rainy.... and hitting my spirits hard!  I did a half mile outside yesterday but it hurt my throat and head to much to breathe so I did the mile on the treadmill.  I am ready to be physical again - ..... but then I'm not :-(

At any rate - I am on Day 3 of the new year ....  and still only have the habit of a bottle of water first thing to work on.  I still haven't settled on a project or a second habit.  My (personal) deadline for this is Sunday (1/7) so I will grab something out of the air if I don't have it in place by then!

Mostly I have spent my time the last couple of days cooking and crocheting and sewing.... cooking because I need more completed options in my freezer (casseroles and beans ready-to-use) and because I want to continue my Artisan Bread lessons.  I haven't been faithful about writing about them.... but will catch up in the next few days.

Crocheting - well I keep projects going and it relaxes me!  I have re-sorted my yarn in the last few days.  I have always kept it by type.  But in the interest of using more of it up this year, I am playing with using it by color.... so THIS month I am crocheting in blues (& black, cream or white)... and am prepared for next month also with reds and pinks.  I am still working on projects that are already underway in other colors but all new stuff?  BLUE!

And sewing...... ongoing little girl sewing!  I had so much fun making the dresses for the girls at Christmas - I have more fabric to do it again :-)

Okay - that's the FUN part..... I also caught up on laundry, kept my desk clear, worked on my inbox for work (financial) and plotted out my next 3 months of races / weekends away with my husband.   whew!  I guess even sick, I'm keeping busy!

What are you up to as this year progresses?  Have you taken a minute to think about goals or plans?

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