Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nipping in the Bud!

Last night's post was a bit of a downer....  but I hear so much about my positive attitude... (and I DO want a positive attitude to be how I am known!)  But reality is different, isn't it?  Don't we all have those dark spaces in our soul where negativity creeps in?

And though I will not wallow in negativity... sometimes those evil thoughts are exactly the catalyst we need for action!

I have given myself plenty of credit for new healthy habits.  I have increased my daily walk time and have planned in exercise (that I need to START!).  But the holidays have hit me like everyone else....  I ran out of lettuce days ago... I am binging on leftover chocolates and buying chips.... and portion control?  What's that?

Last night's fierce negative reaction and resultant SCREAMING desire to eat (BINGE) were my wakeup call.  I've relaxed too much.  No, I am not going to spend a fortune on a new weightloss gimmick of any kind... but here is what I AM going to do:

Weigh and measure myself (and hide those numbers in a safe place!)
       information only to revisit in regular intervals

Continue with daily walking (2+ mi/day)

Repackage foods into portion-size containers

Increase fruits and vegetables

Decrease 'empty nutrition' foods

Commit to the food plan that I know WORKS (I can do a post on this if you are interested but I assure you, it's not fancy or expensive)

Look at the Healthy Habit list I worked up last January and see which ones I need to work on

I STILL maintain that I am not interested in having a WEIGHT be a life goal. 
 That said, if I am working on the life of my dreams, my body condition will be part of the picture.... so I MUST create the habits and patterns of a healthy strong person. 

The person I used to be would have a strong negative reaction.... stew on it a bit... and run to the pantry looking for junk to quell the feelings inside, and then go forward like nothing happened.

The person I WANT to be will have a strong negative reaction.... stew on it a bit... and figure out a plan of action.  SO THIS is where I will be today.... with my plan of action :-)

How do you react to negative emotions?  How do you WANT to react?

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