Monday, January 7, 2013

Find the Fun

Watching the Biggest Loser last night brought questions to me and reminded me of some advice I heard last year. 

Find some movement that is FUN! 

But I think that is a lot harder than it sounds. 

Okay - so I walk NOW (ignore this part). 

But here's the thing..  as far back as I can remember... I was teased for my size.... so I never really enjoyed anything physical. 

I remember trying gymnastics (okay playing on the monkey bars and balance beam) and being teased so I quit. 

I remember loving to dance and I did that for several years.. but I still cringe at what I remember about life in a leotard. 

Swimming - or splashing in the pool was fun until I never wanted to wear a bathing suit again. 

Never EVER played team sports if I could get out of it... being picked last always sucked.

Never EVER managed that awful Presidents Physical Fitness test.. except for flexibility... I was always limber.

I remember liking to be in the woods as a Girl Scout.... so now I walk.

Anyway - the life I built.... is sedentary and solitary.  I write, I crochet, I sew, I read.  I do like to garden and in my attempts to be more physical I spent a lot more time at it last year.

But not enough to do cardio!  To work out my heart.

So what do you do then?  I am trying new things... like when I tried a rock-climbing wall and enjoyed that.  But how to choose something and make it part of your daily life?

I am married to a sedentary man.. we have no physical activities together except that now he joins me on my walks.  Not his fault - but not his interest.. so games are not an option per se.  (I may have to be more energetic about making him play with me - maybe on the wii)

The key will be to find the fun..... but I think many active people cannot fathom how difficult this might actually be.  I have a feeling I will have to LEARN to have fun physically first...

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