Friday, January 4, 2013

Weight Loss

You know..... I think we all think we need to lose weight....

And I know I do.... I lost quite a bit several years ago and found that actually losing the weight awakened some sleeping beasts in my psyche.  I've been actively fighting but not always doing the right things....  at the moment, I am in better health than I have been in years, mentally and physically.. but I am over the normal range limits (and NOT because of muscle!)

But the thing I want to be free of is not the weight per se.  It's my self-critic.

My daughter sent me some candid photos from her wedding day tonight.  Photos of the two of us as I was helping her get dressed.  Lovely photos of a special moment between a mother and daughter on a very special day.

But my instant.... knee-jerk reaction?   Oh my goodness, look how bloated I am!  Look at my FAT arms!  How did I let this happen AGAIN???

And you know what I want to do right now?  You know it, right?  EAT (and cry a little) and eat some more.

Isn't that nuts???

Because all I have to do to actually LOSE weight is start paying more attention to what I am eating and move more.  That's it.. and if it's what I really want - then I can do it.  I've proven that.

The issue is my self-perception and attitude.  Those pictures are priceless moments in time.  My family doesn't care what I weigh... they love me just the way I am.  And this photo captures the ME I was on this special day.  That's enough.  I would never look at a picture of another woman the way I look at myself.

And THAT, my friends... is what I need to LOSE this year.... MUCH more than pounds!  I need to do it for me and I need to do it for those around me!  My self-criticism is contagious!

How about you?  Is your self-image weighing you down more than pounds are?

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