Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Musings with a Cuppa

Taking time to enjoy the day! 

We've had a nasty cold this week... I'm fairly certain it's a virus because one week in.. the nastiest part seems to be finished and the achy, draggy, still coughing somewhat part is in full swing!  Each day is a little better but still not good.

So.. spending as much time at home as possible in quiet pursuits... sewing cooking, laundry, bookkeeping....  some not fun... but all in line with getting things cleaned up, used up, finished by June 30.

I have odds and ends (about 1 cup of clementine slices, 3 large strawberries and a cup of frozen pineapple) in my blender this morning....  I have muffins ( cranberry & the end of a bag of walnuts - both from the freezer - and maple flavoring from a bottle I need use up) in the oven... and eggs boiling for egg salad later.  Okay, the eggs aren't 'using up', they are planning ahead - so that is good too!  I do like egg salad and it will make my lunches and snacks easier in the week ahead...

I am finding that I am enjoying the end of quarter self-imposed moratorium on spending.  Not that we aren't spending.. bills still need to be paid - and we need gas to go places.... and groceries to eat.  But I am spending much less... questioning each expenditure - do I need it now?  Can I make do without it?  Even if it IS on sale right now, doesn't the fact that I already have THREE in the freezer mean I don't even need it for stock up?  YES!!

And I am scrounging around for things that need using up - like the maple extract... or the cranberries I tossed in the freezer last Christmas (sale!)  And that is good because I know for a fact that the freezer needs to have space for the summer bounty as it comes in.

NOT BUYing is making me

more appreciative of what I have

more creative with what I use

more free with my time (!) [time spent maintaining and managing STUFF is now spent organizing and using {enjoying!} what I already have

better able to dispose of what I do not find enjoyable or useful

more thoughtful of what I CHOOSE to purchase

more satisfied with my life and its direction...

Wow!  that is huge!  I really thought that I would be itching to BUY when my time was up - but I don't think so.  I really like the way the last two weeks has gone!

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