Monday, June 30, 2014

Quilt Stories Around the World 2014

Remember when I said I made 3 quilt tops BEFORE I took a class?

This is one of them.

I got the pattern from the internet.  I discovered a quilting group - the Florida Cabin Fever guild.  And they had several Block of the Month patterns out there in 2007-8 when I was looking. (they stopped somewhere along the way and have now started back up again - with the internet patterns)

Anyway - this particular pattern is no longer out there.  I don't even remember the actual name of it.  BUT I DO remember it captured my interest.  I do remember that each month was associated with a country and I went hunting for THE perfect fat quarter to match the country. [I bought my first fat quarter for this quilt!]  I DO remember rifling through my stash and choosing my own scraps where I felt it was appropriate.   I felt so very accomplished as I made the blocks for this quilt :-)

It is awful by my standards now.  It puckers.... the corners don't meet... nothing is square... or the same size...  It was a real challenge to add stripping to these blocks and I used what I had originally planned to use.  And then I decided to make an attempt to back and bind and quilt it anyway.

My greatest lesson here is that your first quilts are perfect.  They are filled with love and joy and it really doesn't matter about the flaws you see in them.  The flaws are merely steps along the journey of gaining skill.

Yes it is a mess!  But it is also a quilt created by a hobby sewist who had never had a lesson in quilting....  so from that light.. it ain't bad :-)   It holds its own beside one I made in 2013-2014.

And it does make me smile.... remembering..... which is good because I have 2 more old tops and few more sets of blocks to wind up into tops.....

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