Friday, June 20, 2014

wow - it's been a while!

I apologize to my friends for my lack of communication!

It's been a year that I've been mostly hanging in space.  And a year before that of waffling around....  Now it's official.... I am 6 months into an empty nest.

And I am just now regaining my footing!

After 30 years of being a homeschooling mom with a homeworking spouse....  I find that I am still 'on call' for..... well.... nobody.

And it's actually good.  Because it is WAY past time for me to locate my own self :-)

At any rate, I am finding that my energy levels are creeping back.  I am finding a little air wafting through the upper reaches of my brain... some signs of life, perhaps?

I will write more later.. I mean, I DID have an adventure or two over the last year.... I AM still making progress on the health front.... and, of course, I am still crafting :-)

And, as always, I think my journey is not a solo one.  I think that many many women - perhaps men too -  wake up one day and wonder whose life they are living anyway :-)  It's a journey.... but I did not expect it to be so long or drag so badly..... but the good news is... that life is picking up and I am dreaming again.

I hope you are too.  After all, what we do today DOES lay the foundation for tomorrow - so smile, find a happy moment... . and keep on truckin'

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