Thursday, June 26, 2014

Less STUFF, more TIME

I have been thinking about this a great deal lately.  I have caught myself this year working, working, working to catch up.... to finish up.... to use up..... yet I find myself starting new projects and acquiring new possessions.

Without even getting into the gnarly questions about craft supplies and pantry items (I mean, exactly how many unopened bottles of condiments do YOU have?).....  I find myself always looking forward to the NEXT.

Like.. I am enjoying a new (to me) exercise program... and while I am still getting benefit from the dvd I own, I am looking to the NEXT one to purchase.  And while it is good to think about it - so that you are intelligent with your choices - why do I feel the pull to BUY? 

I do not NEED, so why acquire?

Even while I am cutting out ONE new quilt, I am thinking about buying new fabric - because it's on sale, because I want it, because.... I can think of a thousand reasons - some of them even good reasons.... But the TRUTH is that if I truly want to simplify, adding multiple new projects to my list isn't making my life better.

Adding possessions without a plan isn't simplifying my life.

It just hit me that even with all good intentions of making this and that and finishing up and completing....  I am still (with every purchase) adding to my workload!

Don't get me wrong - I love my crafting.... but I DON'T love feeling like I am behind... or that I have to hurry up.... or under stress for a FUN activity.

Food for thought.... I do want to simplify....  so spending less... being more choosy.... foregoing the massive sale.... is hard at the moment.   That "oh my goodness, I WANT it" moment.  That "I am 4 years old and want it now" moment.... or that "the sale is so good I can't pass it up" moment.... 

I need to breathe

I need to remember

Less STUFF is more TIME

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