Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday and End of the Month

I woke this morning thinking of the next few days and what I want to accomplish in them.

Yes, I know - I do this every morning!

But today is the END of the Week

And a few days from now is the END of the Month

AND the End of the 2nd quarter.. which equals the midpoint of the Year..

So I begin to think of which ongoing projects can be finished over the weekend...... without jeopardizing things that already need to be done (like changing sheets and handling the food in the fridge).

I already have a habit of NOT starting projects in the last week of the month (usually :-) .... the last week of the month is spent working on things already in progress.

EXCEPT this month - because a quilting class started yesterday and I did begin a new quilt...

I really LOVE starting projects.. I don't love working at them and I HATE that part of a project when it's ALMOST done.  I want the THRILL of the FINISH without the miles in between.

I think that might be why I work so hard at the daily progress on large projects... because a daily habit becomes almost painless.  It becomes natural and easy and hard NOT to do.

But here we are.... end of month and mid-year.  I know that I will do a personal evaluation within the next few days... but for today, I will work on the things that are partially done.

And make a list

Of the open projects I can call COMPLETE by mid-year.  [less stuff]

And of the qualities I want in my life that I need to start working on NOW. [more time!]

{yesterday's post seems to still be in my head}

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