Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday.. Summer Reading 2

Finished since my last post....

A Stitch in Crime by Betty Hechtman - light, light murder mystery!  I love the FUN in these crochet mysteries

The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs - another VERY light read.. with some very heavy poignant moments.  Poignant to me, that is - the protagonist is packing up her only child and driving her across country to college.  Absolutely FULL of the emotional ups and downs of mom whose job is done - which totally hits home with me :-)

...and  Hungry by Crystal Renn.    This book spoke to me on so many levels!  The story of a young model starving herself into the cultural image required in her profession (size 0) and how she rose to the top of her craft AFTER she allowed her body to become its own natural size 12.  A well written thoughtful book on body image and our culture.

And I needed to peruse Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich to determine if I had read it or not!  So - it doesn't count as a read but it did provide a half hour of amusement while I decided :-)

Summer reading completed total (June 23 to date): 3

 Reading now.....not telling!!  But I almost always have at least 2 books going... a novel of some sort and a non fiction.  That expands to 3 or 4 if the books are particularly thought-provoking.... MUST HAVE light reading going on somewhere......

How about you?  How's your summer reading going?

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