Sunday, May 17, 2015

29 Gifts..... Day 17... Grace

Yesterday didn't go as planned

And I was off-kilter...

I woke in the same state...

I am leaving for our annual anniversary beach week tomorrow

Today I had a lunch planned with my son an hour and a half away at his college...
   and last night, my husband's dad called and said he was visiting his other son and could he come down Saturday to see us.  Of course, we are leaving tomorrow so that doesn't work...   He suggested he come to our house - but that is hard too with a variable time frame.  So we headed to meet at a restaurant up that way... (this is THREE hours from where we met our son).

Long story short.... we all had dinner out.  My father-in-law, my husband, myself, his brother and wife.    I can't remember when that happened last.  Not a warm fuzzy family at all.

But it's okay.

Family is messy.  And there isn't an easy way to put that.

Being somewhat estranged is more the norm than an exception, I find.

It's hard enough to figure out your own expectations
then the expectations of those you live with

Never mind those you DON'T live with.

So there it is.


We spent the whole day driving

We worried about how all of it would go

We dealt with a lot of traffic for some reason

and we survived it together.

That's enough.

I give Grace.

Grace for me, for my husband, for my son, for my husband's people.

I wish family was easy.

But it isn't.

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