Friday, August 26, 2011

Men and Women and Disaster Prep

I marvel at the differences in the ways that my husband and I think....

For days now, I have been planning - not worrying - about being in the path of Hurricane Irene.  I've brought in supplies for the weekend.... we have fresh batteries for the flashlights and bottled water.  I've spent a little time gathering important documents and making sure our possessions are stowed and reasonable protected. 

My husband, bless him, has spent the last few days tracking the hurricane path.

Two days ago, we had a bit of a discussion about the chain saw and the generator.  The generator, which , by the way.... is only workable by my inventive mechanical engineer of a husband....  the generator, which causes him no end of fussing and complaining whenever he has to use it.

It cracks me up... he can only think of crises DURING the crisis :-)

But I have a trump card which I use sparingly.

We had this very same interplay right before Hurricane Isabel.   That time it was a severe disagreement which had me and my intuition versus him and his logic.  I overrode him that time and acted like a 'hysterical female'.  I bought a small chain saw the day before it hit.  And that time... that particular time.... having a chain saw was a pretty good idea.  (We lost over 30 trees on our property... 4 of which were in the house - and we were better off than most of our neighbors!)

So...... two days ago, he did indeed pacify me by checking out the generator and the chain saws (he had to get a much bigger better one within days after Isabel.. as soon as we could get out to a store).

Last night though..... again, we talked about the upcoming hurricane and he was busy giving me the track and the history of the past hurricanes which affected us and was conjecturing about how this would impact us.    What I found is that he is thinking and worrying with a sinking heart.... remembering all we had to deal with the last time...... so he'd really rather not think about it.  He feels the responsibility for our overall welfare keenly - and he will be at work today - so he will think about it tomorrow.

And, I was busy asking.. what can we do RIGHT NOW to help?  Because I am me and I handle our daily needs and comfort - and I can't justify waiting until tomorrow.

We are a funny pair. 

But today while he is handling work crises and hoping to come home early, I will be working on making our safest room more comfortable, securing the outside furnishings and plants, and digging a trench to divert water flow.

What is certain is that the worst part of this storm will hit us during the night.... and I will be alone with this man handling whatever happens.  And we will be apart from our adult children for the first time while they handle their own lives.  We will all be fine.... we learned last time that STUFF is STUFF.  Losing STUFF is manageable.

And I am blessed to have his knowledge, love and expertise during a crisis..... but I think he also might be a little bit blessed if the generator works and he knows what he has to do to make the thing work :-)

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