Thursday, August 4, 2011

12 Day Body Shaping Miracle Evaluation... Post 4/4

  Net result...... 4 pounds and approximately 1 inch off most measurements...  not bad for 2 weeks!  I am pleased to have a good, healthy result...

Is the book, 12-Day Body Shaping Miracle: Change Your Shape, Transform Problem Areas, and Beat Fat for Good   effective for a major change in 12 days?  I don't know.  It seems it might be IF having a major body change in 12 days is your life priority and you follow the plan religiously. I definitely was not able - for whatever reason - to stick to the program!

Is this program good for long-term loss?  I don't think so.  I am no expert but I do not think there is enough nutritional information in this book to give you what your body will need to survive.  My body lost all energy by day 3.  I think part of this was the normal body reaction to getting rid of most chemicals.  It usually takes 3 days for withdrawal symptoms (for me)... but when day 4 dawned and I still felt horrible.... I knew I could not continue without adversely affecting my daily life.

  That said..... I do not know how much information this author gives in his other books and programs that may work better.

I DO know that:

    **This book helped me jumpstart my own life program and give me a few more ideas of things I can add to my healthy habit repertoire.

    By spending a few days being religious about portion control and food combinations, I am now 'in the mode' and can more knowledgeably create menus for myself and my family.  Most weight loss program book will give you that... I bet you have a book in your house right now that will work IF you decide to follow it for a few weeks!

  ** I DID save a couple of hundred dollars by using the library and trying this book as opposed to getting sucked in by an infomercial :-)

  What I am taking away with me .......

        I will continue my attempts to eat 5-6 times daily.... with a serving of protein plus 1-2 servings of produce.  Three times daily I will eat whole grain / starchy carb servings.

       I know I need to walk most days to get extra exercise & have a strength program 3X per week (wait, I already knew that... but have reinforced my commitment!)

      I need to pay close attention to the way foods make me feel - to determine the difference between true hunger and other emotions that play with my stomach.  One memory that has haunted me the last week or so is my mother's response to my complaints about stomach-aches.... she always ALWAYS had me eat something to settle my stomach.  I am trying to jiggle with that thinking a little.. I think that is one of those parental things that we all do to our children that surface later.

   I found that although I indulged in less than healthy behaviors sometimes, I did NOT indulge as much as usual.  I asked myself... do I really want more?  My brain was aware.... that is important and a GOOD behavior.... so a good change is emerging..

    I also learned that although I am trying to create or reinforce life habits... I need to look at a much shorter time frame!  Several times I was really ready to throw in the towel.... but reminded myself that it was ONLY for 12 days.... and I promised.  So I will pledge another 12 days.... keep track of my feelings.. and decide later if there is anything worth sharing :-)

AND, most importantly...  I had a healthy loss and I am ready to continue to build the life that will support a healthy weight!

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