Monday, August 1, 2011

12-Day Bodyshaping Miracle Prep... Post 1/4

Note:   This is Post 1 of 4..... dealing with a weight loss product and my thoughts as I went day by day.  I have finished the program as it was laid out... (at least as far as I participated...).  I thought it might be better to break it into a few posts .. to deal with the different aspects as I went along.. The mental journey was the most significant for me... and might be helpful for you..

So - still trying to figure this food /exercise thing....


an infomercial caught my attention - you know how that is, right?  But in an effort to a) NOT buy into the magic bullet syndrome and b) NOT spend money wastefully.... I was so proud that I looked for the name of the trainer in my library database... and found a book... Michael Thurmond's 12-Day Bodyshaping miracle.

Got it out of the library and started looking it over.....

12 days.... hmmm...

I can do ANYthing for 12 days, right?

Well, not ANYthing..... if it's too weird, it will only hurt me in the long run, so it needs to make sense.

And this SEEMS to!  Taking into account your body type (which it helps you figure out), this book promotes 45-60 min daily cardio, specific strength exercises every few days and healthy low fat REAL food meals.

***Remember, I am not recommending this book at this time.  I am going to TRY the program and share the results as I go along.  I will evaluate later on***

Yes.... I thought... I can do this!  I spent a couple of days choosing the exercises and setting up the menus & preparing food.  (It really doesn't take long to cut vegetables and fruit... but it seems to take a while to set up a food plan.... which helps prevent the basic pantry / fridge grazing!)

So... okay - I spent the prep days getting my MIND wrapped around the idea of creating the new habit (while recognizing that I have a way out after 12 days!).    Cardio was an easy choice for me - WALKING!  45 - 60 min daily..... which should take care of catching up on some DVR tv programs :-)   I pored over the strength exercise listed.  I LOVE the way Michael Thurmond lays out each exercise and tells what muscle to target.   And then I laid out the meal plan - and got specific with the items in my own refrigerator.... and updated the shopping list to double the fruits and veggies.  Day 1 food is prepped and bagged... ready to go in individual portions just for ease!

Of course - spending the time planning is where I am skilled!  Now to where the rubber meets the road!  I'll keep you posted on the journey!

Tomorrow I'll post what happened on the first 6 days of the program...

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