Friday, August 5, 2011

Crochet post! Dishcloth Challenge # 111-118

             I am still playing catch up with the dishcloth challenge... though I did make a few more lovies this week.  I also sorted through a huge bag of donated yarn..... the full skeins I donated back to the crochet club at the library.... the little bitty balls and bits of yarn will make some colorful scarves to donate to the local kids this winter.  Making scarves and hats for children is the service project of the crochet club so I try to make sure I make several sets for them.  I have an idea for a scarf using the little bits.... I'll share when I finish it!  For more ideas, check out Bev Qualheim's site...    She shares many FREE quality high-success patterns for charity.  I will begin to feature some of these as time goes on.. because I have learned so much from her site!

Anyway, here are more dishcloths from Maggie Weldon's dishcloth challenge!

#111 Royal Ridge Ccrochet Dishcloth..... done in royal blue, pictured down in the lower left hand corner.. the technique is a little unusual and looks pretty.  I enjoyed trying something new!

#112 Buttered Waffles Crochet Dishcloth - pictured in the lower right corner - I think this one is really pretty.  I LOVE the way it turned out!  The yellow stripe is a long crochet chain that is woven through a white base and then the edges are stitched to make sure it stays in place.  While I enjoyed doing something new... and I also really like the result... it's probably more work than I will do again deliberately :-)

#113 - The Round n Round Crochet Dishcloth - shown in the upper left corner -I did it  in autumn tones and it worked up quickly.  Two of these stitched together would make a beautiful hot pad for the Thanksgiving table!

#114 - Scrap Crochet Dishcloth - What do you do with all those leftover bits and pieces of yarn?  THIS pattern is adorable!  I have used this technique before for winter scarves and prayer shawls.... it's perfect for the lazy crocheter because it eliminates the need to add fringe :-)  I never would have thought of doing a dishcloth this way - but I love it!

Below are the next four....

#115 - Lava Rock Crochet Dishcloth - in the lower left corner - This one was a little hard to follow but ended up cute! Probably not a repeat but it will be fun to find a science teacher or a rockhound  to give this one to!

#116 - This one is called the Blue Butterfly Crochet Dishcloth - but I'll rename mine the PINK butterfly since I used the yarn I already have :-)  This is another one that worked up quickly and turned out well.  Done mostly in double crochet, the edging is a little different and was fun to figure out

#117 - Ode to a Hydrangea Crochet Dishcloth - in the upper right corner - it REALLY looks like a hydrangea. My dishcloth didn't turn out exactly like the one pictured so I must have gotten off course... but it turned out fine anyway. 

#118 - Emerald Isle Crochet Dishcloth - I LOVE this one.  I did it in a self-striping yarn that really made it work up a bit quicker..  And it is absolutely beautiful! It's definitely on my repeat list :-)

So there are 8 for this week.....  hope you enjoy them :-)

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