Saturday, August 20, 2011


So...... have you thought about it yet?

I know.... I know......  Christmas?

It's still summer..... and fall is almost here with its new schedule..... life is busy enough.... I don't have TIME to think about Christmas!

I beg to differ.

If you want to have ANY control over your life in December.... then exactly NOW is the time to start thinking about what you want from your holiday season.... whatEVER you celebrate between November and January!

Right now - while you have NO holiday commitments.  THIS is the time to ask yourself and poll your family..... you may be surprised at the answers

List the holidays you celebrate between now and the new year and think about these questions:

1) What is your favorite thing about each holiday?  

2) What is your LEAST favorite thing about each holiday?

3) What HAS to happen to make you FEEL like you have celebrated the holiday?

4) What are the time frames?  Is anyone coming from out of town?  Are YOU going out of town?

5) What is the money situation?  Can your family consider drawing names and buying one nicer gift instead of many small ones?  This is a good time to clarify expectations.... right now - BEFORE anyone starts shopping or budgeting or trying to return favors

6) What kind of holiday traditions would you like to begin?

7) What are your charitable expectations?

8) What do you want at the holiday meals?   (My sons HATE turkey.... one of them asked me a long time ago... why should I be thankful when we have to eat a meal where I don't like anything?  Reasonable point... we have had little pizza rolls and macaroni and cheese ever since - along with the turkey of course!)

Enough questions to start thinking!  This is not supposed to be stressful!  The most important question for you RIGHT NOW is.... What would your dream holiday look like?    Figure that part out... and we'll put our brains together and come up with ideas to make it happen :-)

Let's work together to have the best most stress-free holiday season ever!  I'm going to be thinking about this over the next few days.... and I'll come back and talk about some ideas.


Let's go!

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