Tuesday, August 2, 2011

12 Day Bodyshaping Miracle FIRST 6 DAYS Post 2/4

 I am going to try the Bodyshaping Miracle by Michael Thurmond and share a record of my thoughts and progress ( or lack of!)

***Remember, I am not recommending this book at this time.  I am TRYING the program and share the results as I go along.  I will evaluate later on***

Day 1 is measurements... okay this will make me sick - but I will take the measurements specified and start this process.  Strength exercises didn't take long... but my choices are easy enough to do off and on all day.  The food is good - and I need to eat mindfully every couple of hours.  I AM STARVING  (though I am eating a lot of food!)  It is several times the amount of produce I am used to... so my system is talking to me... literally... I am staying AWAY from people :-)

Busy day doing errands... so I will have to do my cardio hour when I get home... my choice?  one hour on the tm catching up with Richard Castle.... oh yeah, he's worth it... sigh....
    According to my research, the best fruit buys this week are at Food Lion... and I need 2 servings a day.... dark cherries and black plums!  Cantaloupe is the best price there too - but they were tiny!  Best price - but NOT the best deal.... will be checking Kroger (my favorite) out tomorrow

The worst part was that when I got on the treadmonster.. the satellite was OUT!  No Castle to help me out.... BOO!!  But I get points!  I managed 45 minutes reading one of my books.....

Day 2 - Made it through Day 1!  OMG!  My stomach is GROWLING!..... coffee, puh-lease!  The food plan is so CLOSE to the food plan I normally use.... except that I have NOT been using it :-)  I think that all the extra produce is rolling things around in my poor tummy..... and I am accustomed (I don't know WHY) to chowing down on crunchy processed carbs - tortilla p, crackers, etc.  to quiet the uncomfortable rumblings!  I know that is a bad habit but.....

Okay - I had a good breakfast and have done my morning chores.. trying to get up the OOMPH to get cracking!  Upper body today along with the 45-60 minutes walking....  off the computer I go!

For all my planning about the exercises, I changed tactics and I am glad I did.  The book specifies contractions of certain muscles for toning and shaping purposes.  Without actually trying them, it is hard to realize exactly which muscles you are working.  So I spent my treadmonster time multi-tasking.  I did all the chest and arm contractual movements, working on proper form and isolating the muscles that I want to work. 

One of the things I appreciate about this book is the selection of muscles that actually NEED more work.  It says that my body type doesn't really need more calf and thigh work - and, you know, I have often felt that way.  Especially since walking and dancing are my chosen cardio options.  It is, in fact, my chest and shoulders - and, of course, my all American middle - that need the extra attention!

Day 3 - I am exhausted!  Part from the change in food - part because it's a busy week anyway.   Last was TOUGH!  Family movie night - my husband with his bag of chocolate..... my son with a plateful of popcorn chicken he microwaved to share..... geezzzz...... me sipping my tea and wishing I had a clothespin for my nose!  I didn't have one though - and kept saying to myself that I could enjoy the SMELL without adding the TASTE.  I did not convince myself... but neither did I indulge!  I had a bowl of fresh cherries after a while and that was that!

Today is a rest day - I am not sure if that is just strength or cardio too - but I feel weak and tired and I am going to do neither today.  I am tweaking my protein intake upward..... adding a protein smoothie as one of my meals to see if that will add some energy. I am really feeling tired today - though that is not unusual for Day 3 of a diet change.   Also I will probably be at a restaurant today - and will order a grilled chicken salad.... but I will eat clean and it will be fine (as long as I stay away from the tortilla chips!)    Success at the restaurant - ordered extra lettuce & ate half the chicken - brought the rest home for another salad later... sweet!  There really is a lot of food recommended but I really do feel awfully hungry.... I think the low grain carb consumption is doing it.  Hopefully things will be easier in a day or so.... but it's only 12 days, right?

Day 4...... woke still feeling hungry :-( but thinking I need to learn to live with this feeling.  It might just be normal!  I have a tendency to eat all the time.  Whenever my stomach has a feeling, I fill it.  For me, a lot of my issues are psychological - in that I need to re-train my reactions to life!  So I will plug along here for a bit and see where it leads.   I did find yesterday that a meal satisfied me (it IS more than I usually eat at a sitting - unless I am dorito-diving) but within 30 - 45 minutes, I feel hungry (or ready to eat?) again.  The calorie count is low and NO fat, so I know that is a long-term problem and I will adjust for it.
    Since I decided to train for the 3Day - checking that schedule I am supposed to walk 12 miles today and 8 tomorrow!  I won't do that yet because my body isn't ready for it - but I will see what I CAN do... for this program I am supposed to have 45 - 60 min of cardio both days - so I will probably double that.

Grand intentions - but not much luck.  I am dragging today and getting nowhere really fast!  It's been a busy week and I am enjoying putzing around the house.... I am not getting the exercise I planned accomplished!  Well... not a good day :-(  Between the excessive heat and the boring food options, I am not feeling well at all...   Finished up the day by adding some doritos and 2 slices of whole wheat bread.  I think that the very low carb nature of the food plan may not be serving me well.  I'll keep trying and see what happens!

Day 5
   oh my goodness, I really am dragging today.  I feel awful!  I am going to try to follow the food plan (or at least the low grain carb - or gluten-filled part) to see if it is the bread and chips bothering me OR the low calories..  My stomach really hurts this morning.  But I guess it's a good thing if 'my stomach really hurts' instead of 'I am really hungry'.  Maybe I am learning to differentiate.

I dragged through the day.  It is very hot and I can't figure out HOW to move enough to call it cardio :-) ...  I am not having much success eating the proper foods on schedule either.    This afternoon I succumbed to some chex mix.  And I'm a bit apathetic about things so I need to be careful today.  I will  make sure I eat the right stuff for the rest of the day.

Day 6....  I feel almost normal again... but I have not done the exercise required of the program.  I have done fairly well with the food today - but again, it's tough to make things happen in the order specified.  There was a potluck at church today - and while I did not exactly follow the program... what I am pleased about is that I chose a few items that I really wanted to try... I did not fill my plate with anything I felt marginal about.... I chose some of everything fresh.... and from the dessert table I took a piece of pecan pie... that I really wanted.   And I was satisfied.  I felt NORMAL :-)  No nagging myself... no eating things I didn't really care about... no feeling stuffed... that was good!

weigh-in tomorrow morning...

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