Wednesday, August 3, 2011

12 Day Bodyshaping Miracle - last 6 Days Post 3/4

 I am trying the 12 Day Bodyshaping Miracle by Michael Thurmond and share a record of my thoughts and progress ( or lack of!)

***Remember, I am not recommending this book at this time.  I am TRYING the program and share the results as I go along.  I will evaluate later on*** 

Day 7 - Weigh in was down 2 pounds.  Nice normal average weight loss for someone paying attention.  A good healthy weight loss.  I can't exactly attribute it to the book... but I will take the credit for paying attention and eating better.

This morning I am back on the treadmill/ 2 sets of armwork with 3 pound weights while I was walking..... one hour of walking and an episode of Castle.  I'm not sure where the sweat came from.... the exercise or Castle...LOL!!    Just kidding - my foot is killing me... I will need to change my shoes for the rest of the day.

I am following the food plan as bast as I can. I can't seem to keep the schedule - or the order I eat the food - 2 things that are stressed.  But I HAVE been keeping up with the produce intake - which HAS to be a good thing!  I really am ready to throw in the towel with this book but I promised myself (and YOU!) 12 days of trying... so I will keep at it!

Day 8 - I woke energetic today!  I am blessed to be able to stay home today and get some personal things accomplished!  I got breakfast in on time today.. and did my hour on the tm... other than that, it was a normal day - which is to say that I ate pretty healthily but didn't deprive myself or kill myself trying to eat on the schedule!  So, in the grand scheme of things, I didn't follow the program today.

Day 9 - still trying to focus on food but every tine I THINK about what I am not supposed to eat, it makes me crazy!  I think I do better focusing on what I CAN eat... but I am sure getting sick of eggs and turkey...  I ate reasonably well today and got my hour on the treadmill!  Go me!

Day 10 - my son pulled an all-nighter - and that got ME up by 3:30... YAWN....  I am tired but feeling kind of good about eating, etc.  I am learning a little bit about what it feels like to focus primarily on fruits and veggies... an empty-ish, never-stuffed feeling that I am learning to appreciate.  Note I did not say LIKE.... YET!  But my system is clean enough now that when I DO over-eat carbs, I am not comfortable.  And I am trying to remember that over-stuffed HEAVY uncomfortable feeling... so I can learn to avoid it
  Lunch out and did well - totally enjoyed myself!  But for some reason.... of sound mind and body... bought a bag of cheetos and ate them on the way home.... yep, all of them.  And snuck the bag into the trash so no one would know just like any good addict!  Unfortunately, that act set me up for later so I snagged a couple of handsful of the kids' cereal.... and then settled down (after a healthy dinner) to read and eat tortilla chips!  Yikes... THEN went hunting for something sweet and ended up with a power bar that had chocolate in it!....  Oh my... I am an idiot...
Day 11....  I feel like YUK this morning... all heavy and NOT hungry :-(  I am glad that tomorrow is the last day!  I will weigh on Day 13... and close the chapter on this process!   I did  get 7.5 miles done on my walking program - and I went to the movies with my husband and did NOT eat popcorn :-)  We grabbed a bite at Wendy's afterward and I did well there too :-)

Day 12... feeling great this morning - except a little sore from walking.  I need to make a priority of it though so I can be ready for the 3Day in Sept.  I need to schedule 2 days per week for endurance walking - and today is day 2.  Anything less than 7.5mi will do for today.

Tomorrow is my final weigh-in and measurements and an evaluation.

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