Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Book Pile.. and a favor

...My reading pile continues to grow :-)   There is one thing I absolutely LOVE to do - and that is read and learn.  With all that is going on around here, I still can't function without some reading time each day!  Some library books, one lent from a friend and some treasures on my e-reader - I usually have 3 - 4 books going at a time.

The favor?  My friend, Bev Qualheim, has a terrific site I have mentioned before.  Loaded with things that will interest anyone dealing with home and hearth.... and a TON of easy free patterns to crochet,knit and sew... most especially to create hand-made items for charitable giving (another thing dear to my heart!)  Anyway, she is trying to increase traffic to her site and I want to help... so if you have a free minute or two... check it out -!  ** I'll be re-posting this for her every day in August so bear with me!

Here's my next reading selection for your enjoyment!  I'll post another 'pile' when these are finished :-)

My pile continues to grow!  I have some books that are not library books that are rising to the top and I need to dig into them :-)

Top of the pile is one I borrowed from a friend, I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better

I am in the middle of it and it gives me so much to think about!  I love the way the authors truly help you SEE not only how I make myself crazy claiming responsibility for everything.... but also what I can do to help others learn to pick up their share!  A lot to mull over and think about.... but really useful for those of us who are busy taking care (and OVER-taking care) of others!

Next in my pile is my e-reader..... I've been ignoring it lately since I still prefer hard copy books.  It's incredible for trips but I'm still a girl who like turning pages :-)   Anyway, my brother's novel is on it - Lee, I love it!   I'm three-fourths of the way through it and am loving the intrigue between the protagonists.  Also, since I'm a big fan of historical fiction, particularly LOCAL historical fiction.... I am really enjoying the story :-)

                        Islam: A Short History (Modern Library Chronicles)  is the next one I am working on. 
I don't know enough about this religion.  I hear people on all sides making judgments and I don't know enough.  This is not the book I was looking for but this is what is in my library.  It seems fairly logical and reasoned.... but  was published in the year 2000.  Historically, it cannot be complete.... but I wanted to learn about the religion and I think this is probably a pretty good place to start.  Certainly it is not the radical rhetoric I avoid :-)

Now on to the lighter fun stuff!   The Madonnas of Leningrad: A Novel  is a wonderful story!  The tale jumps back and forth from the present day for our elderly protagonist back to the her youth when she served as a docent in a museum in war-torn Russia.   I'm not sure I would call this light reading but I really loved it!

Second in a series about a young man starting his career as a country doctor, this story is full of the daily adventures and mishaps of living out in the country.  The setting is post-world war II Ireland.  Quaint, charming and all good fun!

And, last but not least...   for you fans of the television show about the crime writer, Castle...... I ran across this novel on my library shelf!  Naked Heat is the second of the Nikki Heat series (now I have to hunt down the first one!)  Apparently the books featured on the show have actually been written.  What fun! The only problem I had was that the tv characters were in my brain as I read this book..... that is both good and bad!  All in all, though, I totally enjoyed the experience!

Go to your library or pick these up via the Amazon links provided :-)

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  1. Kay I had no idea about the Nikki Heat books by Richard Castle but now I will also hunt them down.