Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals 2012

Time to reflect.. and set some new goals for 2012.  NOT resolutions, mind you... GOALS.   Resolutions (to me) imply WISHES... Goals imply ACTION.  I can do ANYthing if I break it down into manageable goals.

When I first started looking at this, I just continued the list I set up for 2011.... but upon reflection, that is not enough.  It was great for 2011 - year #1 in my systematic approach to moving my life where I want it to go.... but I have learned a lot along the way and have more direction :-)

For 2012, I decided to merge my 5 year vision of what I want my life to look like with the habits I have begun to create in 2011.  Writing is a passion I have come home to..... and I thank you for encouraging me!

Before I even begin, I want to say that one of the primary tasks I have set myself this year is WEEKLY goal setting.  I am THRILLED with the progress I made this year but am excited about achieving even more success by increasing my ability to focus on life improvement as I define it.  Laying out action steps weekly will help me stay where I want to be.  I find that it is too easy day by day to let my life slip away.  I want to be able to articulate what I did with my life!

So...... to start with a 5 year vision of how my life will look:

1. I am in good health
2. I have no debt. 
3. My current home will be either be a second residence (goal) or sold.

4. I have good maintenance habits
       a) The house I live in will be uncluttered and well decorated. 
       b) I have developed a healthy balance between food and movement.
       c) I enjoy my hobbies but am not storing a lot of extra supplies.
       d) I do my part to stay connected with my friends and family
5. I have published a book.


1.  HEALTH -
         a) continue on weight loss / exercise balance!
              I recognize that this is not specific enough for a goal. I am still working on action steps that will fit in my life and be sustainable.  I will share that journey with you as I go.
         b)Train for and do my 5th Breast Cancer 3Day Walk in Atlanta Oct 2012

         a) continue to live on a cash basis and work down debt balances
         b) find other sources of income to assist in this process.  It is important for me to feel financially independent.
         c) continue working with tithing.  Giving away brings more to you - seriously!  I don't know WHY this works, but I find that the more I am able to let go of.... the more finds its way back to me.

3. CURRENT HOME project -
        This one scares me but I am ready to take it on!  By the end of 2012, this home will be in a condition to sell.  I am working on a plan of action to deal with each room and all the associated STUFF... I will detail this in weekly action plans as I go.
          My photo scanning project will continue under this heading.  I will continue to scan and organize photos in folders on my computer in order to share with other family members who are involved in the photos.
         Also - I love to learn (as you probably know already) so this year, I will learn to refinish furniture and decorate.  Perhaps I can find some inexpensive course in interior design.... or some good DIY projects to attempt.

4.  Good Maintenance Habits:
         Good maintenance habits means that I don't have to THINK about them - I just do them.  To that end, I will think about them now :-)
    A) health/weight/exercise - I will deal with those under the "health" category
    B) environmental management - (fancy name for housekeeping!)  I will talk about this as I go through the work of re-newing the house.  I will develop some good maintenance habits as I tackle the larger project.
   C) relationships -
            Family - regular, purposeful dates / activities with husband and family members - separate and together
           Friends - make a point of a 'non-business' meeting with as many friends as possible during 2012
           Birthday cards :-)  I like doing them and it felt good to actually get through the year having done them!
    D) hobbies -
            *Enjoy my crocheting but work down my yarn stash
            * Less crochet - more quilting, loom knitting, knitting, and whatever other crafts I can enjoy with my current supplies     
            * Learning: is learning a hobby?
                  a) Read a minimum of 1 book per week.
                          Start on book lists of classics by Modern Library / continue with favorite authors and Oprah's recommendations   
                  b) Watch more movies - Choose classics from American Film Institute List (as well as fun choices as desired!)     
                   c) will put my spiritual reading here.  I still am not sure about what I want to do here but will make a choice soon (by the 1st :-)      

5.  Writing - Keep on with my daily blogging - Journey & Children's Liturgy
                   Join a writers group to learn more about what I am doing and where I can go with it.
                   Keep up with a written journal

Ambitious?  Probably..... but most are do-able....  most exist in some form in my life right now.... I just need to be a little more pro-active in how I go about working toward my goals....  stay tuned for my first weekly action plan! 

What are YOU planning to do with 2012?                

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  1. Read your post, and responded over on yahoo (Bev's), and thought I'd pop over to your blog. I love to blog, have 3, which is one of the reasons I'm not on the yahoo site communicating much. I enjoy meeting new people via blogs and I am. We already know we have some things in common. We knit/crochet for charity. We have blogs would be the 2nd thing we have in common. With that, hope we'll get to know each other more in the coming year. I love blog visitors, and I frequently blog walk myself.

    Good luck with your goals, like you I don't do resolutions, I don't know anyone who does them that sticks to why bother, lol.