Saturday, December 31, 2011

How May I Serve You?

So.... yesterday's post was all about ME and what I want to accomplish in 2012...
I do want to say that much of my success in 2011 - and, however weird the year was, it was a success in the movement toward the happy life I want to have - is due to YOU, my readers.  I started this blog for two reasons: to see if I still like to write and to lay out goals and keep up with them.  So in a sense, it started as a bit of a journal.

Well.... I not only LIKE to write, apparently I NEED to write :-)  Allowing myself this area of development has been a true joy.  And I quickly found that my journal is being read.... I know a few of my regular readers - but I know there are many readers I DON'T know about.

Today I want to talk to all of you.

While, obviously serving my own needs, how may I serve you as well?

Along, the way, I have heard from several of you about things you like or dislike....  I wonder what I can add to my ramblings that will help you in any way.  You know I am an 'almost empty-nester'..... you know I am terribly curious and love to learn new things.  You probably have figured out that I like to check things off lists and go step by step in my achievements.  And that, while I like to follow lists, I usually have 5-6 lists to choose from :-)  I suppose I could be diagnosed with something or the other.. but I do operate kind of like a butterfly with a sideways linear flight pattern!

What else?  You know that I continue to deal with weight and health issues - like everyone else - and that I try to deal with things as naturally as possible.   I live a fairly conservative lifestyle but have fairly liberal views..... BUT this blog is not about politics or even religion.. though my spirituality does seep in now and again..

Think about it... you read for a reason... something I say or do is resonating with you... what can I address that will help you reach your goals?  Let me know.. or I'll keep meandering down the path in my own fashion... stopping to smell the flowers on either side as I go....

Thank you though... more than I can tell you.  Writing for an audience keeps me positive and accountable...... and writing something that may touch your life in a positive way gives me great joy :-)


  1. Thought-provoking. That is how I describe your posts. They always give me pause and I turn them around in my head and think of them different ways. When I read this post - I first thought of what you could provide to me. Then that turned into what you have provided to me through these many years. Compassion, sincerity, a friendly face and smile, a shoulder to cry on through difficult teen years. Then my thoughts turned to how I could serve others. What would my siblings request from me - probably something so simple and readily available that I wished I would have asked sooner. So please keep writing - your blog is, indeed, inspirational. Mary

  2. Mary, I am humbled by your comment. Thank you..