Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Fun - Christmas Gift Idea #1

I am becoming known around here for my ‘useful’ gifts.  I am pretty frugal – not that I  mind spending money – but because I am fairly practical.  I don’t want to spend money on something that will not be used.  I don’t mind when people re-gift.... seriously, I figure that I still saved them some time and money!  But I really don’t want to waste my time and energy giving you something you can’t use in some way!

One of my most successful gift ideas was based around the 12 days of Christmas.  I used a large paper grocery bag (though I would probably use a purchased green bag now!)  I filled the large bag with 12 numbered lunch bags that held small items that were related in some way to the items in the popular Christmas song. 

That particular year, I did this for my five nearly grown children & their significant partners at the time.   We had a little more money during the year and I purchased some small denomination gift cards for each bag too – grocery store, gas, department stores, book stores, etc.  Not necessary, though!  

It was a LOT of fun as they (8 people) located and opened the bags by number and then started trading items and gift cards.....

Use the list below – or let your imagination loose! (whenever I got stuck - I found an inexpensive ornament :-)

List of possible items:

#1 partridge in pear tree – can of pears
#2 turtle doves – Dove chocolates, turtle candy
#3 French hens – chicken noodle soup or broth
#4 Calling birds – small bird ornament
#5 Gold rings – canned pineapple rings
#6 geese a laying – bird nest ornament
#7 swans a swimming – swan baking mixes, goldfish crackers
#8 Maids a milking – milk chocolate
#9 ladies dancing – Sunmaid raisins
#10 – Lords leaping – Pepperidge Farm chessman cookies, Quaker Oats granola bar
#11- pipers piping – ornament or pixie stick candy
#12 drummers drumming - ornament

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