Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crochet post! Dishcloth Challenge #135 through 142 & more!

      The last couple of months have been a frenzy of crocheting!  I turned in my last lovie to Operation Christmas Child on November 18... if you have followed my handwork this year, you'll remember that a "lovie" is a mini-blankie.... something soft for a child to "love on".  For my purposes, it is a simple granny square of a size that can be rolled up and put in a shoebox gift.  I had a 2011 goal to make an average of 5 per week.... I did that - but was not pro-active enough to do it weekly!  Late October and early November passed in a haze of crocheted squares.... total..... drumroll, please... 261! 

Since that November date, I have been working steadily on a number of other projects.. most particularly hats and other gifts I had put aside for lovie production.  Most notably.. a layette set in requested colors but I couldn't decide which was the main color and which the accent... so I made both!

 Next week, I share some hats & grandbaby sweaters!

In the meantime, here are more dishcloths from Maggie Weldon's Dishcloth Challenge!   www.bestfreecrochet.com

#135 - bottom left - Pineapple Cluster Crochet Dishcloth - intermediate skills from my perspective... a little complicated carrying the yarn around but a pretty cloth!

#136   Sunny Day Crochet Dishcloth - bottom right - LOVED the colors.... a bit ruffly but will be fun for washing up. 

#136 - Denim Tracks Crochet Dishcloth - top left - pretty - easy

#138 - Shell Loop Crochet Dishcloth - lacy, stretchy, pretty

The next 4 cloths are in the photo below!

#139    Ocean Shells Crochet Dishcloth - bottom left - I enjoyed making this one - the pattern is simple and the multi-colored yarn makes it look more complicated than it really is.  (The lazy crocheter LOVES when things are easy to make and look complicated!)

#140    Ruffles & Ridges Crochet Dishcloth on the bottom right - another simple one with a fancy edging...  I like the fun yarn I found to do it in :-)

#141 - Sandcastles Crochet Dishcloth on the top left - I really enjoyed the color scheme on this one... it was interesting to do and dream of sandcastles on the beach.  I would enjoy using this one in the winter :-)

#142  Easy Doubles Crochet Dishcloth - just as it says - easy doubles!  Variegated yarn dresses it up :-)

Hope you enjoyed them!

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