Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Muggy Days :-)

So it's muggy today..... close to 80 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning.  I'm home today so I will do yardwork early.  These days I find solace in being outside putzing around.  There is plenty to do and I am taking pleasure in the small changes I am making!

Today I will do a little bit on several projects before the sun gets too beastly.  I watered my little raised beds of late veggies.. and then got started on my other projects....   I started with my trusty wheelbarrow and pulled out some branches my hubby had cut and left behind.  He's great at focus on a single task.... but sometimes I need to go behind to clean up :-)  So.. one load of limbs to my current burn pile....

I have a burn pile left from a prior renter that is FULL of metal.... I think he burned every possible thing he could.  That pile is going to be gone by the end of the summer!   One wheelbarrow load of coal/dirt.. sifted as I shoveled to rescue nails and chain and whatever.... that got dumped into my compost pile.

Back to a dwindling pile of wood chips left from the last time we had trees removed..... filled the wheel barrow and moved to one of my flowerbeds.  These beds are full of weeds... but I've been meticulously pulling them lately.  I want to put woodchips down to neaten them up.  BUT I forgot to bring out the newspaper that I want to put down first to try and smother some of that nasty wiregrass!

So here I am now, cooling off for a few minutes and sharing some of my progress....  I will go back out with newspaper and limb loppers.  I plan to spread the load of wood chips.  I plan to cut a load of limbs off a shrub that is shading one of my tomato plants.... and I have a BIG patch of iris that needs to be moved.  Again.. I will do one load.   So, I guess I will finish nothing :-)

      have wandered around bending, squatting, stooping, reaching, lifting, pulling and generally using all my muscles....
      have spent a few hours in the sunshine manufacturing Vitamin D
      have made a noticeable, if small dent in several projects
      be more than ready to come back in and get to work on paperwork & housework that is waiting for me :-)

And I will still have the afternoon to play with my container gardens on the back porch and deck.... starting some plants for fall planting and digging up / repotting plants friends have asked for.  It has been years since I have focused on my plants and yard the way I want to.... and I feel blessed!

What are YOU doing that gives you pleasure?

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