Monday, June 11, 2012

Crochet Post! Dishcloths #263-266 & #267-270 and more!

 Life is perking up a bit for me.... I feel like I lost so much ground when I went on my anniversary vacation in May.. maybe I'll have a little reflecting on that later....  I've been in a bit of a funk... okay, not the best choice of words - putting the positive spin on it as usual :-)  Maybe I should say depressed?  Or maybe I should just say STALLED..... kind of like a sailboat.. just moving along until all of a sudden, the wind stops and you are paralyzed.  Direction-less.  Confused - even dazed - and not able to make sense out of how to move forward.

It's probably silly because I have no real reason.... but, be that as it may, there I find myself sometimes.  And the way I get out of it is to keep moving...somehow.... some way.

I was pleased this last week to finish a small project.  I have a LOT of babies to crochet for this year, some of whom I am already late for.  But I have not been able to put my brain to getting back into "baby crochet" mode.  Anyway, small progress.... this sweater and bootie set.

Not a huge project - but significant :-)  The sweater has been sitting in my WIP collection since I ran out of blue yarn!  I was aggravated when I put it down since I would not be able to finish my little blue sweater.   It is only this week that I saw the possibility of using WHITE to finish it up and trim the booties.  See?  STALLED.  But no more.... baby stuff is coming... watch for it!

First stop: the WIP Collection!  In the interest of using 2012 to clean out and use up, I am NOT buying yarn for my baby stuff.... I have plenty in my stash and a bunch of 'half done' projects that will be on my agenda...

Dishcloths to share for the week are below:

#263 Wagon Wheel Dishcloth - pictured below on the upper right  this one is cool because of the unusual shape.  Definitely easy and quick, it is another high success craft item!

#264  Straw Flower Dishcloth - pictured on the bottom left.  Pretty and easy, it makes use of a lot of chain stitch which is not a fave for me.  The cloth also turned out a bit smaller than feels useful.. but I'll see when I actually use it.  Not my favorite cloth, but not one I hate either - probably not a repeat, though - with all the other fun free flower patterns in this collection, why do one I'm not in love with?

#265 Zig Zag Dishcloth - pictured above on the upper left... this one was just fun!  I used 3 colors that I didn't have much of and played around with this simple V-stitch.  It makes a generous sized cloth that will be a good addition to a gift basket

#266 Orange Slice Dishcloth... what a pretty cloth!!  I had fun figuring it out and think it is simply gorgeous.. but the white spokes are loose - not stitched down.  I am not sure if they will get in the way when using it for cleaning.... IF I find that they are not a problem, I could see making several of these in citrus colors for a summer gift!

#267 Just Ducky Dishcloth.....  Oh my - this thing is HUGE!  It gets a photo all on its own because it is SO big!  I have it laid out on my footstool if that gives you any idea :-)  It was fun to do but I would be inclined to do 4 of them - stitch them together - give it a pretty edging and give it as a baby afghan!  TOO big for cleaning unless you are maybe washing a car or can't find the wet vac...

The next three cloths are pictured below:

#268 Autumn Mum Dishcloth.... below in the center.  Alternating colors for each round makes this cloth work up quickly and very pretty!  A good choice for bits and pieces of different colors..

#269 Indian Blanket Dishcloth - above on the upper left.  The colors I chose had more to do with yarn I had available than southwestern native types of colors.... but you can still see the zigzag-y pattern that gave this cloth its name.  It has a nice texture to it too..

#270 - Flower Frenzy Dishcloth... above on the upper right.  This cloth turned out pretty but was a serious pain in the patooty to do!  First off it uses a smaller hook size so the flower part itself worked up a little tighter than I like.... then, of course, since there are 4 motifs to do, it sat in my sewing basket for a bit... and then the edging.... interesting but a little tricky!  I think I may try it again BUT.. use a larger hook (which will make a larger motif).  Use ONE motif as a cloth and attempt a similar edging

Remember all these patterns are free on Maggie Weldon's site    They are part of the Dishcloth a Day challenge for 2011..

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