Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay so I overdid yesterday......

I came inside for the last time yesterday (from the heavy yardwork) at 11:30.  My shoulder ached, sweat was dripping everywhere and I was WHUPPED!  I went into the house and grabbed a large bottle of water and tottered out to the porch.  Sat there a minute and knew that I needed a cold cloth and some ibuprofen.  When I saw the flushed scarecrow in the mirror - I knew that if I had been working with me, I would have sent me inside until my cheek redness calmed down.... So I knew I was right.. it was definitely time to quit for the day :-)  I guess I have to remember that I am not an experienced yard person... and it WAS over 100 degrees..

But... oh what a feeling of accomplishment.  I have no idea why housework does not give me the same feeling... but I am definitely going to spend more time outside.  Trimming trees, hauling dirt, planting and transplanting.... brings me joy.

What is the funniest thing to me is the feeling of changes in my life and relationship.  In my marriage, my husband has always shouldered the responsibility for yardwork (which he HATES).  Therefore he expects housework from me.  He has come to the point where he does some of the heavier house stuff because I simply - well... SUCK at it.  I can keep it up fairly well.. but I am really not good at making it neat to begin with.  So I have spent resentful years inside trying to do something I don't enjoy and so has he.  And projects I want to do outside have simply waited because he doesn't get around to them.

We are getting around to some dialogue about this dilemma.... now that there aren't kids to educate and keep me busy.... he sees the joy I come inside with daily after my "workouts".  He is amazed.... but he agrees.... HE should be the one to do some of his more immediate paperwork business needs.... HE should be the one who vacuums and does more house-y things.... and he should leave any yard stuff I can handle - to ME :-)

I am loving the opportunity that we have to get to know each other once again.... without all the demands on our time we had while raising our family.  It's that courtship time again for we are definitely different people than we were so many years ago when we married!

This morning I am off to see if there is a farmers' market in my community (and my beloved has decided to join me :-) and then back home to pick up limbs downed from last night's storm....  and maybe CAN produce (if I can figure out the pressure cooker)!!

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