Friday, November 30, 2012

21 Days again...

I am so enamored of the concept of tackling new projects and creating new habits!

21 Days - is enough that you can have some obstacles and use the MONTH to get your stuff handled.  My husband and I are talking about attempting 12 projects next year...... doesn't sound like enough but I don't know - I sure do feel pretty good about the quilt :-)  And, it is true .. discipline begets discipline!  For instance, when I hit the quilt roadblock, I naturally turned to the quilt mending which carries the theme through and kept me moving.  As the biking has become habit (it's an attachment to my total gym), I have set the machine up so I can flip over and do as many pull-ups as I can.  EASY!

So.... tomorrow is new stuff :-)
    new mega-project:  photo scanning.  I am not sure how much I will get done or how to break it down into 21 parts.... but I CAN spend 10-15 minutes a day scanning hard copy photos and categorizing them by year / month on my computer.  So THIS is the project that I will be accountable for during the next month (21 days anyway!)  [The side project for obstacle / roadblock / extra time/ extra energy... is creating online albums so we can order books]

    new small habit:  NOT chosen yet :-)  It will be household maintenance-related and I will think on that today and choose

    new life improvement habit:  strength-training 3X/week.... basic no-equipment exercises.. default routine= 50 various crunches, 10 pushups, 30 squats, 40 calf raise.  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday fits my schedule)

**I have also committed to 3 miles a day to see if I can do it :-)


  My personal progress:

QUILT:  I did sit down to work on it yesterday and promptly stitched something backwards and had to rip it out.  At that moment, I set the ripping aside to work on later last night during a movie my husband wanted to watch... and moved on!  I went ahead and pinned 5 more patches on to the major quilt mending problem....  and added that quilt to the two with hemming issues that were also waiting for tv time!  (I accomplished the ripping and the two that needed hem mending.. and also worked on a crocheted afghan that needs to be finished by the end of next week)

Still on target with the exercise bike and bathroom spritzing.

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