Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 90... a good change

One of the things I decided to do for Lent was give up Facebook games.

Now, seriously, I don't play many.  And I only play ONE on my phone (and not on the pc).   And I was careful - the games I play - one helps with eye hand coordination, and one is quick thinking... one is word play.. and the other is just fun with an opportunity to meet people...  and that's it....  So I chose carefully

And, for me, it's often a transitional occupation. 
       You know - like when you finish doing one thing and need to think what to do next?  I'm a person who needs a few minutes to choose my path - but I'm also a person who is always moving.  People like me use some mindless activities for this transitional - or thinking - purpose.
     mindless activities like eating, smoking, drinking, playing games - punching buttons - fidgeting, etc. 

  A transitional activity COULD be a good thing.... or it can lead to unhealthy results

So anyway - I feel fairly justified in my games....

BUT I also feel that the games were sucking up valuable time.
     Time I could be doing something else
             Even used for transition, they led into wasting more time than I like
      Time I could be focusing on a person I love
      Time that could be used more intentionally...

So I quit playing during the week.   Sundays were free for me to waste if I choose.  And I really enjoy them on Sunday afternoon!

Lent is only halfway finished.... but I have to say this is a success!

I am finding new transitional activities that accomplish so much more:
      cutting my fabric scraps into usable pieces...
      cleaning out corners
        and even standing STILL asking myself.. What next?

And I am finding that I enjoy the games so much more..   I still am way too attached to them but the limited nature makes it a little more of a treat.

Not playing them on my phone is a good choice....  and I will continue with this.    I think I will continue after Lent - for the most part - only playing on weekends or specific times....

  I am amazed at the little things I am getting accomplished....  one of which is a list of easy chores I can do in a transitional moment... things I can do while I choose my next project...

How about you?

Do you play online games?  Does it work for you or against  you?  [I mean FOR your greater purpose and desires or AGAINST?]

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