Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quilt Stories - Sea Star

It all started with a pattern I saw


I really think it is lovely.... but pondered for more than a year about buying fabric or not buying fabric.... about what kinds of fabric... did I want more of it to be the same?  Or each triangle different?

Also during this time period, during my 3X annual beach trips to North Carolina, I had picked up a half yard of this and a full yard of that until I had a pretty healthy collection of ocean-type prints in my stash.

And it occurred to me as I watched my stash grow... that I really need to DO something with that fabric.

When a lovely "sand" fabric with wavy dunes on it, came into my life..... there was a EUREKA! moment....  and I now had a purpose for those large ocean prints with orcas and porpoises and turtles....  a SEA Star!

This pattern was lovely for me because it is large.  It is easy.  It is quick.  And a small enough project to begin learning to quilt on my own machine.

So voila!

The sea star was born!

(Call me weird, but I particularly enjoyed taking this photo on a lawn covered with a rare March snow!)

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