Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 99 Mar 22.....

Something has definitely shifted in my life

Last October when I came to enjoy our beach week... I noticed an adventure park.  Basically it is an aerial obstacle course.  Over a swamp.

It makes my stomach turn

But it also gives me a thrill

And I

By myself


I bought a one-day pass to see what I could do.

I did the two lowest levels.

At my speed

In my time.


And thrilled!


[turns out, they have an off-season weekend pass that is good for a year... and I will be back in May and October... so I upgraded.  I will go at least one level farther next time.  The plan was to go back on Friday but it was pouring rain so it will have to wait til May and I can go 1-3 times then]

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