Friday, March 13, 2015

Fabric Scrap Management Phase One

So - as some of you know, I am really getting into scraps this year.... and have asked the question - how do you manage them?

And I can honestly say that I started long ago... and have worked into a bit of a system..

But the key is


I've been sewing for much of my life off and on and quilting for about 7 years now.  But only seriously - like FINISH seriously for about 2 years :-)

So first - over a year ago.. I split all my fabric up into color.  And with my brain, that worked with most of the fabric - though not all!  I still can't figure out what to do with a white background and multi-floral pattern on it!  So I have one container with the "I don't know" and the special characters.. like Disney princesses or superheroes...

Everything else went by predominant color - and the test is this:  When you look at it, what color jumps out?  So a white with red dots gets put with the red because - to me - it seems more "red" than "white".  But it's your system, so see what works for you!

At that time, I didn't want to go nuts with it [I wanted to SEW], so I simply folded up scraps in the like fabric and sorted by color.  If I only had a small scrap - (less than a fat quarter), I tossed it in a tote for scraps.

This was stage ONE.  And I made sure as I worked that year, that my scraps went where they belonged.

****Stage One****  
Sort fabric by color and have a bin for anything (any color) smaller than a fat quarter.  

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