Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 37! **

** published after the fact!

March 29 is 37 weeks until I turn 60!  I am still not sure how I managed to live this long but I swear to you, I want to make it count!

The current plan is that I will turn 60 in Hawaii.... I was in Hawaii as a 4 year old.  I think I remember some things... but am not sure.  Maybe it was family stories.  My dad, an Army veteran, was stationed in Japan... and we stopped in Hawaii on the way back to the states.  I really don't know how long we were there.   [On another note, I remember turning 5 in Colorado - on the way back to Virginia]

The savings are there so money is okay right now. [This in itself is pretty cool because it is due to a lot of financial juggling and playing in the last few years]

We've decided that as we age now, we'd like to do a little traveling as financially possible.  [With luck, every 6 months or so, we can do a trip]

And some time ago, I did say I'd like to do the Honolulu marathon on my 60th birthday.  Not so sure about that right now BUT... serious training doesn't need to happen until the end of July - and I could opt for a 10K instead....

At a minimum, I'd like to feel confident in a bathing suit next December (or earlier?) so - hey... here I GO!

I will set goals weekly.... and report my compliance (or not).  All goals will be set intending to lead me to better habits for a longer healthier life ... (and maybe later to walk (I repeat WALK), a marathon!

start Mar30
week 1.
    Detox breakfasts (Pam Peeke) 11111 DONE!
    Log processed food (sugar, white flour, etc) 11111 DONE!
    Ttapp basic X 3   1
    Morning mile X 5 11111  DONE!
    Green smoothie challenge (start Wed) 1111  DONE!

Day 1: (Mon) subway roll, processed meat, tortilla chips, glass wine, diet soda
Day 2: (Tue) stuffing, diet soda, glass wine, ice cream,  tortilla chips
Day 3: (Wed) stuffing, fruit bar, glass wine,pasta alfredo, tortilla chips
Day 4: (Thu) yogurt whip,
Day 5: (Fri) hardee's chicken club, pizza, diet soda
Day 6: (Sat) fruit bar, goldfish
Day 7: (Sun) pasta salad, goldfish, pizza

A) Detox Breakfasts - it's a beginning!  My contention is that I am addicted to food!  I have made great strides over the last few years making my diet healthier but not enough.  I am still an emotional eater and closet binger.   It's time to deal with it :-)  And I am convinced that real food is the answer.

B)  Log processed food.  I want to live a life without counting calories.  I think that watching out for foods that are processed is my answer.  Keeping them within limits.  I am not saying a glass of wine is bad.  I am saying I am paying attention and that it is processed.

C) TTapp Basic X 3.  Tttapp is a specific type of exercise that helps with fluid flow and muscle activation.  It is relatively isometric and low to no impact.  While I feel I need something more, I can't refute the fact that when I did do ttapp every day for a week, my chronic long-term headaches disappeared.  At a minimum, this type of exercise will keep me toned and strong.  I plan to do the Basic routine 3 times weekly at a minimum.  I also really like Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds and will use that more and more, especially if I decide to go for the marathon!

D)  Morning mile..... this is fun!  A habit I chose to begin Jan 1, 2012.  I walk my dog down the street one mile.  Every morning.  Mostly.  She's a Pomeranian and needs to keep her weight in check - so I help :-)  6 months into my new habit, my husband started walking with me.  So now.... 3 years later, my husband and I walk a mile most mornings.  We also head out for a half mile around lunch and also dinner most days.  Go figure..... win-win for everybody on every level.

E) Green smoothie challenge:   I've been working on green smoothies for a few years... but most sites got weird on me and called for ingredients I can't find in my rural life... where Food Lion is my grocery option.  BUT last year about this time, I found a site called  These folks have it right!   They do a challenge every few months or so... and they offer 30 days of recipes.  Recipes that use ingredients I can find.... simple.... frozen fruit and kale or spinach.  While they encourage trying new things, it's a reality that some of us are limited to basics!  Anyway - great stuff - and I've learned a lot.  And I freeze a lot.  Even the spinach that won't last 2 more days.

My rationale for utilizing green smoothies is that it doubles my fruit / veggie intake for a day.... or at a minimum, guarantees that I get 3-4 servings daily.  When I toss in 1/4 cup oatmeal and a spoonful of chia seeds.... I have added the grain and protein necessary for a complete breakfast.

If you haven't tried a green smoothie, I encourage you to do so.  Make the smoothie and add ONE leaf of spinach.  Just ONE... . and the next time, add TWO.  Soon you will discover [as I did]... there is NO CHANGE in flavor.  My tongue had to convince my brain. 

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