Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eating Fresh.....

The last farmers market of the season

I am sad

I have spent $20-30/week buying fresh veggies and learning how to prepare and preserve them.

And now another challenge....


I like salad - IF I have more than just lettuce in it.

And I like other greens in small doses - IN the salad.  (I shared earlier this year about learning to add beet greens and radish greens in my salads)

but more greens?  My local farmer has tons of beautiful greens....

I did try mustard greens - I like the flavor and spice but so far only to add to a sandwich or a bit in a salad.

but greens.   Cooked greens.

Conjure up two childhood memories.

My brother's favorite birthday meal... (which I don't remember - hot dogs, I think) and.... spinach.  Canned spinach.  a Nasty mouthful of ICK.

And something my grandmother made.  Greens.  Boiled within an inch of their lives.  with something greasy and pork-flavored.  another Nasty mouthful of ICK

I really do prefer vegetables a little more under-than-overcooked.... and I must say these memories have kept me far far away from greens.

But the lovely produce in my farmer friend's fields... well

I need to learn.

So I bought some of everything - because half measures are not my style :-)

And this week....  I froze smoothie size bags of 2 kinds of kale and spinach....  I added a bit of each to tossed salads (and liked it).... and I tried a dish - kale with carrots.   I think it would be good if you like kale :-)  But I am still learning.  As a side, I did not care for it - but I also did not HATE it :-)

I had also made green beans braised in soy sauce that night - and did enjoy a combo bowl of leftovers - brown rice, green beans and the kale dish.   So I know now I can enjoy the greens if there is more than greens.

I will keep plugging away... eating local and seasonal is still a healthier, more cost effective option in the grand scheme of life and definitely is the direction I need to move in.

By the way - the website I used for the kale recipe is   I found it years ago when I started experimenting with a book - Wildly Affordable Organic by Linda Watson.  

This is one of the best books out there that can help you learn to cook and eat organic on a strict budget (She used the food stamp budget and managed)

so - how do you manage to eat fresher and healthier in your life?

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