Monday, November 23, 2015

Little Tricks.... Comfort Food Post 2 of 5

Okay -

So step 2 from making your own comfort food....

is trying to 'health-i-fy' it.

A) By adding more veggies.... onions, celery, peppers count :-)

But ask yourself.....  can I toss a bean in there?  How about a carrot?

Perhaps a serving of broccoli will go nicely along with it?

More veggies = more fiber....

You know it's a good transition....  make it as painless as possible.

I save the leftover broth from veggies (even the water from rinsing out a can of tomato sauce) in a container in the freezer.   When I use the crockpot to make something.. that is the broth I use.  Makes phenomenal soups... though alas.. I cannot duplicate the seasonings :-)

Another trick I am using is to try more kinds of veggies.  Make a list of the veggies you don't choose but don't hate.  Any way you can add one of them in without too much inconvenience?

B) By reducing meat.   I am in no way a vegetarian.. though I do not care for many meats.  But I am trying to follow Thomas Jefferson in using meat as a condiment for my vegetables.

I am not arguing the virtues of protein... there are many articles on that and a lot of differing viewpoints.

However I can find little disagreement that most green vegetables are good for you.  In every way.  And in every amount.

So... more veggies..... less meat.

If you are a meat eater, the approach may be to increase veggies first - NOT decrease meat.  Get accustomed to a different ratio of meat to veggie.  Then it is easy.

C) Whole Wheat..... Just so you understand that whole grain is not the same as whole wheat.  Your end goal is 100% whole grain for bread, pasta, etc. - but any movement you can make in that direction is a good thing!

D) Make your own.
     So I am not a cook... I just don't like it.  BUT it is a fact that if you prepare it yourself, you know what is in it.  And it is easier and quicker than we think!  So it is important to learn.
   I can share more on that if you are interested! 

D)  Of course, there is always "Eat Less"
But for some of use, there are many easier challenges with food.  And if you are a comfort food eater.... "eat better" is do-able....  "eat less" is a lot tougher!

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