Monday, November 30, 2015

Little Tricks... Comfort Food.. Post 3 of 5

Okay....  so.. we are trying to make better choices and still keep enjoy eating!

here are a few tricks I use.

Crunchy munchies.... okay so I confess.... cheeto diving used to be my premier sport.  I could eat thousands of calories of orange powdered crunch at a single sitting.

and it still can get to me

I spent a couple of years attempting the move from orange powder

to plain tortilla chips

with dip of course depending on the mood of the day

with an ultimate goal of salsa ... (tomato, right?  It's a vegetable)

Or refried beans.... (or rather mushed beans with lots of garlic, chili powder and cumin)

Better option!

But what else can you do?


Give yourself permission to eat your orange powder.



Find a produce/protein combo that works for you.
And eat that first.

Crunch works for me :-)

Celery.  Boring, I know.   But add almond butter ( or peanut butter)
And you have a snack that gives your body a veggie and a protein.  (Or substitute the celery with apples - another BORING option)

Still bored?

Eat the non-nutritive stuff you want.

Over time, you will eat less.  You will get stronger.  The veggie/protein combo will nourish your body.  You will be better able to a) withstand the orange powder temptation and/or b) eat less of it.

Until you don't eat it.

I'm convinced.

Though I'm not quite there.  [though I HAVE gotten to the point of recognizing how bad I feel after I eat too many cheetos.... and I HAVE... several times.... haunted the snack aisle wanting cheetos and settling for a better option [a low-calorie flavorful popcorn usually]    and I HAVE... ONCE.... been able NOT to buy them at all because I remembered how bad they make me feel.

Because a truth is that I eat them for my taste buds.   And I need to FEED MY BODY.

So I eat the whole bag, feel sick and guilty.... and THEN need to eat to fuel my body.

And it's a dumb idea

So fuel first. 

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