Sunday, November 1, 2015

60 Days Until 2016 Nov 1


Where did the last 10 days go?

Oh yeah - I was at the beach

I walked a lot - but didn't pay too much attention to food... water.... and gained back 4 flipping pounds!  Poo

and got nothing done on the list

well - not true

I spent a little time with my husband
I spent time at the beach - always good for the spirit
I made myself go places by myself
I bought lots of fabric - which makes me happy but doesn't help finances much!
I did finish up several craft projects
And, of course, end of month bills and paperwork

and I have a bit of a plan for now that I am home.
BUT I hit the ground running - work, house, life..... and need to STOP

take a breath

and actually write out a plan or checklist or something

or this time will slip away

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