Monday, November 16, 2015

Little Tricks...Comfort Food Post 1 of 5

I just wanted to share some tricks I have discovered over the last few years.

Maybe I already knew it - but if the light bulb went on for me....

Maybe it will help you!

I am a comfort food eater.....
nothing makes me happier than diving into a bowl of mashed potatoes
mac n cheese

unless it's a bag of chips and dip

or some chili mac casserole thing

I'm not choosy

I like flavor and I like carbs

I like crunch and I like mush.

AND I'm lazy.  Quick is the key!

So I've been experimenting

First off was the experiment in speed.

Most of those things freeze.  Not much luck with potatoes....  but pasta & cheese combos freeze like champs.

So I can make up a batch of my own stuff with my own ingredients and freeze in 2-cup portions so we can have it whenever we want.

chili, chili mac, mac n cheese, pasta stuff like baked spaghetti or lasagna

Most soups without potatoes.... (soups WITH potatoes too if you are going to blend with milk later but that takes work and when I am searching for comfort food... I don't want to work :-)  Look at the freezer section of the grocery store.... if they can do it, you probably can too.

with your own food.

So you are not eating the best... but you DO KNOW what is in there...

so there you go!

Progress, not perfection.  It's the journey - so make sure you are traveling in the right direction!

Grab n go comfort food. 

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