Friday, November 13, 2015

Maybe Focus on One Week

I keep working on getting healthier


more flexible

eating better

but I am having such a hard time STICKING to it

I have done a good job of trying to create

But they don't stick yet either - for me... a habit takes a WHOLE lot longer than 21 days to form.... maybe 21 YEARS!

So... I have gotten all practical and clear about my expectations... do great for a few weeks... see some success... and slide again.

I seem to spend more time getting back up again
which in itself is a good thing

but it doesn't feel like progress.

I do know that it's the process that is important - not necessarily the achievement
BUT I also know
that if the achievement isn't happening

then the process needs work :-)

I have many times set up a 90 day.... 60 day..... 30 day.... expectation.  And I've still managed for a bit.. and then slide back.  And then re-evaluate.   And then start over.

I think

for now

a ONE WEEK expectation.  And then re-evaluate.

[I do have to say that today is Friday.  I would never have the chutzpah to set this out on a Monday :-)]

So....  I will go for my usual game plan (which does work!)

10K+ steps daily
Log food and water into my Fitbit app
1+ dvds this week
green smoothies most days
Log weight over the weekend (I do like to take the best weight out of 2-3 days... it's my game and I'm consistent with it so it truly is irrelevant in the larger picture!)

ONE WEEK .... and

we will talk again next Friday :-)

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