Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday 11/25

This one is kind of split between... finish up and home and crafting on the road!

I spent the latter half of last week getting the grandquilts basted.  Each one takes several hours due to me crawling around on the floor!  I must find a better way :-)
My Kate was helping as much as she could get away with!

 I LOVE the way the Princess and the Pea turned out :-)

My lower back decided that getting 3 basted before vacation was enough!  I will be thrilled if I can get all four quilted by Christmas.. so I really don't NEED the fourth one basted for a while...

I used up a good bit of crochet thread scraps working on dishcloths....

and I had to spend some time figuring out what kind of craft stuff to bring along with me on the road.

Our trip will have at least 5 full travel days in it... so I need to keep my creative self occupied!

 A cone of crochet thread added to my scrap bits so that I can finish off cloths and start new if I make that many!

My Hawaiian applique blocks need to come so I can show my cousin - and do a little work along the way.

And my hexies.. I haven't worked on them for a while so it would be good to bring them along.

hmmm... I will need a few other choices, I am sure!  But that is good for now :-)

(I actually started traveling on Monday but will save the traveling post for next week!

Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get back here!)

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