Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 19/90

Thought about a dvd tonight but I am so so tired!  Besides the one on the schedule is arms/shoulders and they are SORE!  Carrying around a 6 month old all day has taken its toll :-) n  If this were going to be my way of life.... I definitely would take steps to get that extra exercise in!  But it's a one week wonder... so whew!

I did romp a bit with my granddaughter outside when the baby napped but he was cranky and wanted to be held today so it wasn't long.  My daughter never did manage to get the stroller out for us so walking wasn't really an option.... so there you go!

Eating was definitely better today and I totally rocked the night - mostly because I passed out at 9pm.... lol!

I am kind of excited about the things I will do this weekend - getting my house/life back in order... but am way too bushed to think hard about it :-)

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