Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 26/90

Today's dvd didn't happen for lots of reasons.... mostly BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET AROUND TO IT!  It's on me :-)

That said - today's scheduled 6 mile training walk DID happen - so I'll take credit for that one :-)  I did more than half of it on the treadmonster watching Becoming Jane..

AND a bit of gardening....  I started tomato and pepper seeds on my porch so that I'll have transplants in a few weeks.....  I planted snow peas before the rains started in earnest... and later did a little spot weeding.  I have TONS more to do and keep up with so I only get a little credit here.

As for the house...  I don't think I did very much.  Hubs went out of town and I had (have?) grand plans but it sure didn't happen today :-)

Closets are on the agenda - and I got sucked into working on clothing a bit!  The seasonal and size switch makes me a little crazy since I have a range of clothing between size 4 and size 12!  Yikes!  My recent efforts have brought me down to a 10.... so that's something!  I will make an executive decision about the 4s in July.  That's my deadline for choosing to keep or donate.. I'm not sure that is a size I can easily maintain - but I'll decide that one later.

Spot vacuuming happened.... our tax return arrived from the accountant so there was a little attendant ANGST as I reviewed it...  I made a cheesy casserole for dinner (and I will freeze the leftovers because it was GOOD.... and too good to hang around and eat too much of at one time :-)

Mostly I enjoyed the day - I spent some time reading on my porch and had a great long conversation with one of my girls.  I guess I needed some downtime.

Food was reasonable except that I forgot to record it.  It's hard because I really don't WANT to be tied down to writing what I eat down anywhere... but the truth is that I won't eat a proper mix if I don't.  When I don't write it down, I eat whatever grabs me when I'm hungry.  I do eat healthy food - but that generally leaves me with an excess of available grain carbs and cheese and a shortage of protein.

And let's not forget that it is EASY to forget the random snack-y things that I pop into my mouth when my brain is dis-engaged!  Grazing is dangerous!

So that's why I need to do this.  I'm writing it down now to remind myself to get my dumb little notebook and get back on board!

The evening passed in a pleasant blur of crocheting and an old movie :-)

My lower back really hurts tonight - I don't know if it's the bending / stooping.. or the treadmonster....  will have to adjust life tomorrow accordingly.

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