Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 24/90

Trying to get my mojo up this morning... just don't feel well :-(

Got my morning mile in but just can't wrap my head around the cardio session on the schedule for today.  Maybe my body is tired.  Maybe the rest day on tomorrow's schedule should be taken today.  Maybe if I push thru today, it will ultimately be more effective.  Maybe I'll do it later.... no, I already know that's not gonna happen!  Leaving in an hour and a half for the day.... it's now or never.   Decisions, decisions.......

I did it... I did it!!  I feel like POO... but I did it.. and it's done - now on about my day :-)


So...I am the bomb!  I dropped my son off at his class at 11.... spent about 10 minutes roaming in Lowes... and decided there was a better way to spend a FOUND hour....  I moved my car to Target (which is approximately a half mile from campus).. and WALKED.  TO campus, a loop and back to Target..... twice... another loop and back to Target and halfway back where I met my son.. and he and I walked back to the car.     Hot and sweaty - but 3.5 miles done!  Which means 4.5 miles total so far today and NO money spent...  Go me!   Also the first time this year that I managed the dvd AND my 3Day mid-week training (4 miles) in one day... again GO ME!  I am getting stronger :-)

******Really hot when I got home so I didn't do too well with the housecleaning project.  I did bag up some collected clothing to get rid of when we go out tomorrow....  It's 8pm and finally cooling down... I hate to get into a project this late... I think I'll go into my closet and see what I can get rid of or pack away until next winter!

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