Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 22/90

Mid-afternoon by the time I got here....  food low but recorded....  one mile done and the total body workout dvd...  errands and groceries..

moving along on the housekeeping project .. next up is cleaning my interior windows and doing all the house floors.  I find this project interesting - but am trying to be careful not to get too caught up on how things 'ought' to be done.  When I do that, I get nothing accomplished.  My house is way bigger than I like so cleaning is an ordeal.. so I don't do it.  And it shows.  So this is another area for me to work on - and now that I have set a food/movement system in place, I CAN focus on other things!


So..... nothing done on the housekeeping project front.  I got another mile and a half in..... some paperwork and finished up a baby blanket that I'll share later in the year after I gift it!

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