Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 23/90

 A day at home!!  And gorgeous weather to boot!  My list is long and I'm excited to get to it :-)

My morning mile done - dvd chosen and ready to go... and at least 2 more miles on the agenda today along with a TON of other projects.. 

Picked up some marked down mushrooms yesterday and found a recipe to stuff them with for dinner tonight... something new!

***** dvd done!  Core Dynamics - oh my middle.  I AM beginning to see a little progress.... I have been modifying the modifications.... and am getting better at some of them.  Not so much others but that's okay :-)

Housekeeping project started - today - the guest room (DONE), the family room (DONE enough :-) & interior windows in the rooms I did last week (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room)!  All done and I am stopping!  Now on to figuring out dinner, and preparing for tomorrow (another errand day - letters / bills to mail, package to drop off at UPS, Goodwill dropoff, etc...)

I do want to mention something about my lifestyle program at the moment...  I feel GOOD!  Even though last week was a BLIP where I didn't follow my own rules :-)  I also didn't get DERAILED :-)

I think the difference THIS time is that I am recognizing an ebb and flow to things.  I am no longer interested in a one size fits all program.  I am interested in a 'what fits in MY life' prgoram.  I am not interested in being a specific size or weight.... I am interested in being strong, in fitting in my own clothes (and SKIN) comfortably... and I'm interested in being as pain-free and mobile as possible as I age.  DONE!  I want to do what I want to do... so I MUST find a way to stay strong , active and healthy.  period

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