Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 15/90

What a day of fun :-)  Left home early to take care of my little ones.... and had a full day with a lively toddler and a teething 6 month old.  How quickly we forget!!

Put a roast in the crockpot for my daughter so she had a dinner cooking though she'll probably use that another day soon - it's April Fools and we had an idea that she is using with her little one with hot dogs and spaghetti :-)  But I did leave salad there too to round things out!

My husband picked me up and we came home to salad and refried bean wraps... yum-o!

So tired when I got home but stepped out right away and got a mile in... then came back and did my Chest/Back dvd... go me!!  I remember how hard it is when you work full-time!  But I'm glad I get 'er done.... 

Tomorrow is cardio.... and hopefully I can get out and walk some with the little ones to add to my miles :-)

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  1. :) Always interesting to get everything squeezed in with the grandbabies 'help' hey? On full-time Nannie duty here this week....have a great day!

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